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Terms of service

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1.1 The sale of accounts can be done only by users who have the right to sell on the site.

1.2 Account / email information from the account must be filled in correctly when placed on the site, otherwise the account will not be accepted on the site.

1.3 Account statistics must be correct, the first time they are wrong we will correct them, but if there are more mistakes the account will be deleted.

1.4 The price of the account must correspond to the account, do not jeopardize the prices.

1.5 The commission we charge is 9%, if a user sets the account to 10€, the seller will receive 9.10€ .

1.6 Unjustified refund is not accepted in any case.

1.7 Once the account has been accepted on the site, the seller completely loses access to the account.

1.8 After you have sold an account the money will be locked in the balance for 14 days.


2.1 Buy accounts only from users with positive ratings on the site, if you lose access to an account and the user is not trusted on the site the money will not be returned.

2.2 We recommend that you leave a positive / negative rating to the user from whom you purchased the account so that other users can find out if the user is trustworthy.

2.3 If you buy from a normal seller, go at your own risk, if you buy from a trusted seller you have the guarantee that in case something happens with the account the money will be returned to you.

2.4 Unjustified refund is not accepted in any case.

2.5 If you have any doubts about a seller you can and please make a dispute immediately to let us know.


3.1 You can deposit on this site via PayPal, PaySafeCard and Mobile Payment.

3.2 Refund once you have added the money to the balance is prohibited.

3.3 Withdrawal of money from the balance can be done only through PayPal. This process may take from 2 days to one week.

3.4 In case of unjustified refund via PayPal, the user will be banned and the money will not be returned.

3.5 When you deposit you will receive the net amount. That means you will pay the fees.